Life in the body of Christ

Pastor Taylor’s office hours will be Monday 8-10AM and Tuesday 1-2PM

Tuesday, Nov 19th at 6:30PM                     Charge Conference

Wednesday, Nov 20th                                    Pastie Prep

Thursday, Nov 21st                                         Pastie Baking


NEXT WEEK is Joash Sunday. We will also be hanging the greens at 4:00PM. Everyone is invited to come help prepare the church for the Christmas season and join in for pizza afterwards.


We are taking orders for Poinsettias. Plants are $7 each and orders will be due by Nov 25th to Jayne Haefele.  Order envelopes are on the back table.


The ANGEL TREE gift list for the children is available now. Gifts should be returned to the church on Dec. 1st. The price range for the gifts is approximately 25 dollars. Volunteers are also needed to deliver gifts to the local families.


The all church Member Christmas Party is Dec 3rd at 6:00.  The cost is $15 per person, Reservations are due on Nov. 24th to Jayne Haefele. A sign-up sheet is on back table.  Please remember to bring a funny gift for Adults and if children attending bring a gift suitable for them for Santa to pass out.


December 8th will be our annual Sunday School Christmas Program. Please join us for a combined 10:30 service as our students present “When Jesus Knocks!” As always, there will be a Sundae party after the service!


There has been a request made to send Neal VanBodegom-Smith a card shower. Cards can be sent to Neil-c/o Jill VanBodegom-Smith 4010 Forney Ave San Diego, CA 92117.


The Lehman-Idetown UMC is looking for an administrative assistant. It is hoped to hire within the membership. The current job description will be posted soon.

If you have interest or questions, please see Bill Cupp.

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