Join us on the Journey…


 We welcomed our newest members on May 20th!

Carter Kovaly and Brady Newman

have been confirmed and during service they presented their prayer board to the church. They worked together on this board as their  confirmation project. It turned out beautiful and will now be hanging in the back of the sanctuary. Prayer cards can be found in the pews and at the board which include the option to place an address if you wish for the church community to come together and send cards of encouragement.

prayer board 2prayer boardconfirmation 18

VISION STATEMENT – Individually we are many, together we are one – finding a relationship with God, seeking His grace, and sharing His light with the world.

MISSION STATEMENT- Seek. Serve. Share.

Church Newsletter is available electronically!  Please Email Us if you would like to be added to the list. Don’t forget to share this with others who would also benefit- college students, young adults, friends and family living away. This is a great way to see the happenings of our church.




Introducing our mosaic! Inside this picture is the picture of everyone from the Lehman Idetown united Methodist church (past and present). When you look at the picture, it first looks like our United Methodist Emblem, but something magical happens when you zoom in-you see the individual pictures!

Joining LIUMC – The doors to our church family swing wide open to you. If you or someone you know are interested in knowing more about church membership, please see Pastor Lori.

************************************************************************************We are a Safe Sanctuaries facility!
We believe that the safety of every individual who worships, works and plays anywhere on our property is a sacred trust, and we have taken proactive steps to ensure that safety. Nevertheless, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with an usher or the pastor. There have recently been changes made to the policy.  For more information, contact Kristi Lyons.



2 Responses to Join us on the Journey…

  1. Robin Rogers says:

    This is great, was told about this at Mercy Center by a friend who viewed this site. Great Job! Robin

  2. ……………………………………..

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