Missions and Outreach

We are a very missional church. Here are some recent activities of our faith community…

  • Christmas Child Project (Samaritan’s Purse) – Gifts were given in the name of Christ so children and families come to know the love of God.
  • Worship, communion and visits to the Meadows Nursing, Meadows Manor & Apartments, and The Mercy Center.
  • An active Prayer Circle and weekly evening prayer meeting – Prayer is JOB ONE for a faith community. The effectiveness of all other ministry hinges on the prayer life of our church. We are drawing nearer to Christ in prayer, God is answering prayers for ministry that bears fruit in our church and community. We are always calling more congregants to prayer.
  • Support and volunteering at the Shoemaker Mission Central Hub – We are helping people to connect to Christ though obedient discipleship, as they give and volunteer at the hub. The work we do at the hub has helped the community in many ways. One example is our help with the flooding in late summer 2011.
  • Making Pasties by a vibrant United Methodist Women’s group and many volunteers. Our UMW organizes the activities of both men and women from the church AND community to raise over $18,000 a year. 50% of which is given to missional causes. Even in the pasty making we are connecting community volunteers to the love of God and the good news of Jesus.
  • Various music ministries such as our choir – Our choir is excellent and while they are predominantly a worship choir that is part of Sunday worship, from time to time they participate in community activities as well. 
  • Volunteering at the Food Pantry Garden at The Lands at Hillside. This garden supplies fresh vegetables to the Back Mountain Food Pantry. Our volunteers are serving Jesus though giving time and effort for those who may not be able to afford fresh vegetables.
  •  A hugely successful semi-annual rummage sale. This raises funds that are 40-50% given to missional needs. From our clothes collection, we supplied coats to two coat drives, small picture frames became part of our welcome basket ministry, Hard goods supplied to Blue Chip Rescue. Jewelry went to Wesley Village, We gave dozens of Head Start families vouchers for reduced/no cost shopping at our sale, Suits were donated to Dress-for-Success, Books were given to head start and many remaining items were given to the Salvation Army.
  • A meal served to County Fair workers 2011-14– This was so well received. Our community felt the love of God and we became a little brighter light though this sharing of a meal.
  • A community Easter Egg hunt that brings many to our faith community to be served with fun and fellowship.

These are but a sampling of the many ministries active within our faith community.


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