Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wear shorts and a T-shirt to church?
We are a casual bunch. Please feel free to dress comfortably. Come to worship and fellowship.

Is this a formal place where I have to watch that I follow certain rules?
No, not really. We stand to sing or read scripture occasionally, but even that is optional. The worship times are a mix of traditional and more current activities but the setting is casual.  

Can I join a Bible Study or Mission Project or other event even if I’m not a regular part of Lehman-Idetown Church?
Absolutely! What better way to get to know us and serve God.

I’d like to come to the Thursday Prayer but I don’t want to pray aloud.
No problem. The first 30 minutes are silent/meditative prayer. You can come and go as you please. After the meditative prayer we typically have some spoken prayers, but praying silently or aloud is fine. simply listening to the prayers prayed aloud is fine too.

I don’t have a Bible or at least I don’t really know much about it. Will I be embarrassed if I come to worship?
You will be comfortable in our worship. We have bibles in the pews and often have many of the bible verses in the bulletin or projected on a screen. You will not need to use a Bible to get real substance from our worship. You will not be embarrassed if you don’t have one.

I am not very mobile. I use a wheelchair/walker. Will I feel uncomfortable in the building?
We have a elevator chair to help you to the sanctuary and an area of movable chairs where wheelchairs easily fit.

I have trouble hearing in large rooms or sanctuaries. Is there a sound system?
Yes, we reinforce the spoken words so they can be clearly heard. We have a hearing assistance system that can be used by anyone who wishes.

I have a baby, Is there a place I can change her? Is there a place I can sit with her if she becomes uncomfortable in the worship time?
Yes, we have a changing area in our downstairs restroom. We have rocking chairs and baby area near the rear of the sanctuary. We love the sounds of children in our worship they are the sounds of life!

Is there a place for kids?
Kids are important to us. We have children’s Sunday School at 9:30am during the school year. We have annual events like the Easter Egg hunt and Sunday School programs. We also have a youth group that offers fun for kids 12 and up! During worship, the kids hear a message tailored for them right in the main sanctuary. We maintain a Safe Sanctuaries policy with our paid staff and volunteers. This policy includes interviews, criminal background checks and child abuse history checks for all involved in children’s ministries.

I’m not much for singing. will I be uncomfortable in the worship time?
Singing is not required. feel free to listen and enjoy if you wish.

No question is a dumb question. Please send us an email and ask. We’ll do our best to respond promptly.

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