In Our Prayers This Week: 
Please be praying for: Bob Bonning, Grace Lord, our country, Tom Vuda, Megan, Bob, Jayne and family, Dick and Lois, Bill, Theresa, Steve, Sandi, Margaret, Jonathan, Arlene, Heidi, Neil, Louise, Jim, Matthew, Sandy.
Please call Ken Cosgrove (570) 675-2024 to alert our prayer team of an urgent need for prayer

PRAYER CONCERNS to be published in the bulletin should be written on a card in the pew and placed in the offering plate.  Please indicate if it should be in the long term prayer requests.

To ask us to join you in prayer or to contact us, please click the link below and send us your request!



Come join us in congregational prayer on Thursdays at 6:30pm. We spend 30 minutes in meditation-silent prayer, the  after sharing updates we share a few spoken prayers together. Come an go as you please during this time. All are welcome. 


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