Ministry Staff


Lori Robinson is our pastor. She can be reached at 570-762-4918 or .

Sandy Kovaly is the pastor’s Administrative Assistant. She works on church communications including announcements, calendars, bulletins, newsletters, and our mailings. She orders supplies and manages the database. Sandy can be reached at 570-675-1216  or

Linda Pineno is our Minister of Music. Linda directs our Adult Choir and Chimes Choir. She also provides accompaniment for our worship services and plays amazing flute in various worship situations. She is the heart and soul behind worship music in our faith community.

Susan Snyder is our Church Sexton. She takes care of so much for our faith community, including care for our facilities and making sure the church is set for the various seasons of the church calendar. Susie is a Sunday School teacher, active in the UMW and choir, and is the lay leader (and lay speaker).  Susan also assists with our church rolls.



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